Why Alexa Blue Ring Keeps Spinning?

Alexa has a wide variety of light symbols. Each light sign indicates a specific state. There are different reasons which can make the Alexa blue light to keep spinning. On your Amazon Alexa device, Amazon echo blue ring is the most frequent light you usually encounter. If you want to fix the Alexa Blue Ring Keeps Spinning problem, follow the steps.

Alexa Blue Ring Keeps Spinning

Fix the external sound

  • The Blue ring on your Alexa indicates that the request is being processed.
  • Usually, Amazon stays in a dormant mode. Your Alexa will wake up only after a Wake-up command from your side.
  • Even when you don’t summon your Alexa, the light bar on your Echo system starts to light up.
  • It may happen because your Alexa must have misinterpreted the outside sound as a voice command. You can fix the issue by fixing the external sound.

Pairing mode

  • When your Amazon Echo device is in pairing mode, it will not respond to any commands you give. But the blue light alone keeps spinning.
  • You need to pair your smartphone with Echo using your Alexa application. Once you have completed the pairing set up, the blue light on your Echo will stop spinning.

Software update

  • Your Amazon Echo device keeps on spinning the blue light when the software update runs in the background.
  • It indicates that the software on your Echo device is being updated. It takes some time. And when the software update gets completed, the blue light on your Amazon echo stops spinning, and you can use your Amazon Echo without any issues.
  • Initially, try to pair your smartphone. If you cannot resolve the issue, it must be spinning due to the software update. You can examine the exact problem with your smartphone itself.

Blue light followed by purple light

  • Sometimes, when you give a voice command, the blue light spins followed by the purple light.
  • It might happen when you have enabled the Do not Disturb mode.
  • It is okay if you had enabled it. But if you have not enabled the mode intentionally, you can turn it off using your Alexa application on your smartphone. Now we have seen how to fix Alexa Blue Ring Keeps Spinning issue.