Fix: Alexa Not Responding To Voice Commands

Alexa Not Responding To Voice Commands

Is Alexa not responding to voice commands? Probably your Alexa-enabled (Echo) device might not be connected to the Internet. Sometimes, Alexa doesn’t respond to your commands if the device microphone is turned off.

To know how to troubleshoot your Echo device, keep reading the instructions below.

  • First, ensure that your Echo device is turned on and has an active Internet connection.
  • Also, verify that the device microphone is turned on. You can see a red ring light when the microphone is turned off.
  • Next, check whether you have connected your smartphone and Echo device to the same wireless network.
  • In case you have connected your Echo device to another network, Alexa won’t respond to your voice commands.
  • Place your Echo device within the Wi-Fi range.
  • If necessary, move your Echo device closer to your router and check if Alexa responds to your voice commands.
  • If the problem persists, turn off your Echo device and wait for a few minutes.
  • Turn on Echo and check the Wi-Fi connection.
  • If you find a problem with the Internet connection, restart your router and modem.
  • Next, reconnect your Echo to the Wi-Fi network with the right credentials.
  • After a few minutes, use a wake-up word and check if Alexa responds.
  • If it doesn’t respond, change the wake-up word or restore the settings to factory defaults using the Alexa app.

Steps to restore your Echo device settings using the Alexa app:

  • On your Smartphone (Android), open the Alexa app and tap the Devices icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • On the Devices screen, tap the Echo & Alexa tab and select your device.
  • On the Device Settings screen, tap the Factory Reset button and confirm your action by tapping the Factory Reset button again in the pop-up dialog.
  • Your Echo device will be restored to factory defaults.
  • Now, reconfigure the device settings.
  • Ask Alexa to change the name and check if it responds.
  • If still Alexa Not Responding To Voice Commands, click the Call button on this page and contact our technical experts to help you resolve the issue.