How to Amazon Echo Dot Error 7?

Amazon Echo Dot Error 7

Amazon Echo Dot error 7 is a Wi-Fi connectivity error occurring.

Carry out the steps that are given below to fix the issue.

  • Place the Amazon Echo Dot device within the range of the router.
  • Remove any devices like microwaves, Bluetooth, and electronic devices between the Wi-Fi router and Amazon Echo Dot device, as it may interfere with the range of the network.
  • Ensure that you have connected to the wireless network using the correct password.
  • If you have changed your password recently, update the Wi-Fi password in the Echo Dot device's Wi-Fi settings.
  • Open the Alexa application on your smartphone and select Devices.
  • Now, tap Echo & Alexa and touch the Change option next to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Change the network password by following the instructions on the screen.
  • In case you have connected multiple devices to the same network, remove some devices and connect the Amazon Echo Dot device.
  • If you are using a dual-band router, connect the Amazon Echo Dot device to the 5 GHz band.
  • If the issue persists, restart your wireless router and Amazon Echo Dot device.
  • Also, restart your connected device.
  • If the Amazon Echo Dot Error 7 appears again, launch the Alexa app and go to Wi-Fi settings. Then, select the "Forget the network" option.
  • Deregister the device the Alexa app and register it again to check whether the issue is resolved.
  • Update the firmware of the router to the latest version using the web setup page of the router.
  • Reset the Amazon Echo Dot device to erase all the settings.
  • Now, try connecting the device to a mobile hotspot and check whether you can access your device.
  • If there is no error while connecting the mobile hotspot, the issue lies with your Wi-Fi router.
  • Fix the issue on the router and connect the Amazon Echo Dot device to your network.