Reboot to fix Amazon Fire TV Error Code

Receiving error codes frequently on your Amazon Fire TV? You may face performance issues with the device, and some apps may freeze if you receive an error code. Carry out the steps to Reboot to fix Amazon Fire TV Error Code.

Reboot to fix Amazon Fire TV Error Code

Way 1:

Rebooting with remote:

  • If your remote is paired with your device, you can use the remote to restart your device.
  • Once turn on the Fire TV and connect the Amazon Fire Stick, the home screen displays on the TV.
  • Press the Select button and Play/Pause button together and hold it for about 5 seconds to restart your device.
  • Your device will be restarted automatically without showing any confirmation prompt.
  • Otherwise, go to Settings screen using the navigation buttons on the remote.
  • Now, navigate to the right of the screen and select the My Fire TV option.
  • Select the Restart option from the displayed list.
  • If you are asked to enter the PIN code of your Fire TV, type it and select Restart.
  • Your Fire TV will now the Restart process.

Way 2:

  • Unplug the power cable of the Fire TV from the electrical outlet and Fire TV.
  • Connect the power cord back to the TV and plug in the other end to the electrical outlet after a few minutes.
  • You can now turn on the device and start using it.
  • We have now seen how to Reboot to fix Amazon Fire TV Error Code.

Way 3:

  • Connect your smartphone to the same wireless network as your Fire TV.
  • You can download the Fire TV app from the Google Play Store application.
  • Now, pair the Amazon Fire TV with your smartphone.
  • Enter the security code that appears on the TV screen to your mobile app.
  • Navigate to Settings and select Fire TV from the right of the screen.
  • Now, select the Restart option to reboot Fire TV.