Resolve Amazon Fire Tv Error Code Invalid Geoip

You may receive the error as “INVALID_GEO_IP” on the screen while watching a movie. As many contents on Amazon Fire TV are available only in the US, you may receive the error when you are trying to access the contents inaccessible in your country. There are GEO restrictions according to the regulations of the country, and cultural and religious blocks. Proceed with the steps that are given below to fix the Amazon Fire Tv Error Code Invalid GeoIP.

Amazon Fire Tv Error Code Invalid Geoip
  • If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, make sure to register your account properly.
  • You can log in to your Amazon Prime account from your computer or smartphone.
  • If you have the Prime Video application on your smartphone, log in to your account and enter your credentials.
  • Choose your place of residence as USA and save your details.
  • You have to use a proper VPN to stream US contents on your Fire TV.
  • After installing the VPN, open the Connection Settings of VPN.
  • VPN will allow you to hide your IP address and access content from the US.
  • Enable VPN when the Android application and Amazon Prime video app starts.
  • From your home screen, go to the Settings sections using the TV remote.
  • elect the Applications folder and navigate to the Manage Installed Applications section.
  • Locate the Amazon Prime Video section by scrolling down the screen.
  • Select the Force Stop option. Then, click Clear Data.
  • ll the searched history and watching contents will be set to default on the Amazon Prime video application.
  • Now, go back to Settings to restart your Fire TV.
  • From Settings, navigate to the Device section. Then, select Restart.
  • After you have restarted the Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Tv Error Code Invalid GeoIP will be resolved.