How to fix Amazon Fire Tv Error Code Plr_Prs_Call_Failed?

After spending a long day at work, all we need is a long night of relaxation. Imagine you have your Amazon fire stick connected to the smart TV and want to binge on a show or probably watch some videos. You sit back and log in to the Amazon prime video and scroll through some TV shows or movies to view. You open a movie and press the Play button on the screen with the Firestick remote, you suddenly get an error that says: error code: plr_prs_call_failed. It might come as a bit of frustration since turning off Amazon prime video and turning it on again will not resolve this error. You have to manually configure with the Prime video settings to get the error fixed.

Amazon Fire Tv Error Code Plr_Prs_Call_Failed

Follow the steps to resolve Amazon Fire Tv Error Code Plr_Prs_Call_Failed

  • Open the Amazon prime video on your TV.
  • Use the navigation buttons on the Amazon Fire TV remote to go to the Settings tab.
  • The Settings tab is on the last option in the taskbar of the Prime video.
  • Select the Settings option and select Applications with the Firestick remote.
  • Select the Manage Installed applications option.
  • In the installed applications section, navigate and select the Prime Video option.
  • Select Clear data and the data will be deleted.
  • Select Clear Cache and the cache will be deleted.
  • Doing this will adjust the frame rate in the Prime video application.
  • Go back to the main menu, open a movie, and select the Play button.
  • The video will now play without any problem. The Amazon Fire Tv Error Code Plr_Prs_Call_Failed is now resolved.

For any assistance in resolving issues with Amazon Fire TV, contact our technical support team.