Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw Troubleshooting

Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw Troubleshooting

Are you worried about your printer issue? Feeling tired of fixing your printer? This page might be your light of hope in resolving your printer issue. Here we have discussed everything about the Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw Troubleshooting. Jump over the issue you are having with your printer and go through the troubleshooting solutions to get your printer back to work.

Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw Feeder Not Working

  • First, open the feeder cover.
  • Remove the paper you have loaded inside the feeder.
  • Lift the tray and pull out the original document.
  • Check for the jammed paper inside the feeder and remove it.
  • Reinsert the original document and check if the paper path is clear.
  • Now, try to scan your document and check if the feeder is working.

Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw Is Not Printing

Today, printing issues have become very common and happening without any notice. However, you can resolve them in a matter of minutes after identifying the actual cause. Carry out these steps to resolve the printing issue.

  • To begin with, check if your printer is connected to a stable power supply.
  • Next, check if the connection between your printer and computer is stable.
  • Verify if you have loaded the supported print media into the paper input tray. Also, verify if the paper settings are correct.
  • Next, move to your Windows computer and open the document you were trying to print.
  • In the Print dialog box, check if your printer name is selected.
  • Hit the Properties or Preferences button to open the printer properties window, which will have the print settings of your printer.
  • Ensure that the selected settings are correct.
  • Clear the print queue and retry printing your document to check if the printing problem is resolved.

Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw Paper Jam

If a paper is jammed inside your printer, then you might not be able to print further until the issue is resolved. Let’s see the Canon imageCLASS MF731Cdw troubleshooting process for the paper jam issue.

  • Start by turning off your printer.
  • Next, wait a few minutes and then restart your device. Because if the paper jam occurred on your printer is a false error, it will be resolved once the printer gets restarted.
  • If the issue persists, turn off your printer and open the paper tray.
  • Check if there is a paper jam inside the tray. If so, remove it gently from the printer.
  • Take out a fresh paper stack and fan it.
  • Reinsert the sheets and adjust the paper properly using the paper width guides.
  • Close the paper tray and try printing a test sheet to check if the problem is resolved.

Canon Mf731cdw Scanner Not Working

Scanner issues are common and can happen if the scanning procedure is not executed properly. Check these troubleshooting steps to sort out the scanner that is not working problem.

  • Before you begin, check if the scanner is turned on.
  • Make sure that the original document is placed correctly on the scanner glass or inside the document feeder.
  • Clean the scanner glass if necessary.
  • Clear the document path inside the feeder.
  • Check if the scanner and computer are connected firmly using a standard USB cable.
  • On your computer, open the Canon IJ Start Scan utility and check if the scan settings are correct.
  • If you are using an outdated scanner driver, update it.
  • This should resolve the scanner issue.

Canon Mf731cdw Toner Replacement

You must replace the toner cartridge of your Canon MF731Cdw printer when a message appears on the printer control panel stating that your printer is running on a low cartridge. Also, you must replace the cartridge when the printouts are poor in quality. Let’s see the toner replacement procedure.

  • Start by lifting the front cover of the printer.
  • Pull the cartridge tray out and then take out the target toner cartridge from the printer.
  • Open the new toner cartridge from the package.
  • Remove the protective orange material from the cartridge.
  • Gently shake the toner cartridge a few times to evenly distribute the toner ink inside it.
  • Install the new toner cartridge and push the cartridge tray back into the printer.
  • Finally, close the front cover and check the ink level.

Canon Mf731cdw Wireless Is Not Connecting

  • If you are having wireless network connectivity issues on your Canon MF731Cdw printer, check the wireless signal strength.
  • Check if you have placed the printer closer to your wireless router.
  • Verify if the wireless settings are correct.
  • If necessary, restart your printer and router. Then, reconnect your printer to your local wireless network and check if the problem is resolved.
  • You can also run the network troubleshooter on your Windows computer to identify and fix the network issues on your printer.
  • For further assistance, reach our technical experts.

Canon Mf731cdw Factory Reset

Restoring the printer settings is the final step of Canon imageCLASS MF731Cdw troubleshooting. To reset your printer settings to factory default values, follow these steps.

  • Turn on your printer and go to the control panel.
  • Go to Menu and select Management Settings.
  • Pick the Initialize All Data/Settings option.
  • Select Yes twice to confirm and reset the settings to factory default values.
  • When your printer is restarted, reconfigure the initial settings.

We hope you have learned all the Canon Imageclass Mf731cdw Troubleshooting procedures. If you need assistance in resolving any printer issues, reach us. We are just one call away. Also learn about canon mf733cdw setup.