Canon Printer Error E02

Canon Printer Error E02

An error code occurs to signify an issue in the ongoing process. When you encounter the error code E02 on your Canon printer, the alarm light will glow up in orange. The error code E02 occurs due to various reasons. When you spot the exact reason behind the error code, you can fix the issue efficiently. This article lists the best troubleshooting techniques that can help you fix the error code E02 on your Canon printer. Try out all the methods and fix the issue without much effort.

Check the basics

  • When your Canon printer is out of paper, it may show the error code E02. But, you would have actually loaded the paper. In that case, remove the loaded paper and reload the sheets.
  • Before loading the sheets into the paper cassette, make sure that you have aligned the edges. Once you have loaded the sheets, make sure to adjust the guides against the sheets.
  • In most instances, wrinkled, curled, or damp sheets cause the error code E02. Too thick or thin paper also can cause the error code E02. Thus, make sure not to load wrinkled, curled, damp, too thick, or too thin paper. If you have made that mistake, remove such papers and then reload proper ones.
  • Also, check whether a paper jam has occurred anywhere inside the printer. If so, remove all the jammed paper from the specific area and check whether the error code E02 has disappeared.

Clean the paper pick rollers

  • When the paper pick rollers fail to pick the loaded paper, you will end up with the error code E02.
  • Thus, clean the paper pick rollers with a lint-free cloth.
  • Make sure to do a gentle cleaning. If you do a harsh cleaning, you might cause permanent damage to the rollers.
  • Finally, press the Maintenance button and choose the Clean Roller option; then, press the OK button.
  • Make sure not to overload the sheets. If you do so, your printer will start to malfunction, and you will end up with the error codes.

Check the paper settings

  • You should also check whether you have selected the correct paper size in the printer driver.
  • Launch the printer driver on your computer and check whether you have updated the settings correctly.
  • In case there is a mismatch in size between the loaded paper and the settings, you may encounter the error code E02 on your Canon printer. Thus, update the settings and check whether the issue is fixed.

Clean the printhead

  • When the printheads are not clean, you may encounter the error code E02 on your Canon printer. Follow these instructions and clean the printhead.
  • Open the printer cover, and once the carriage becomes idle, remove all the cartridges one by one.
  • Clean the nozzles with a lint-free cloth and reinstall the cartridges into the printer. If the error persists, replace the ink cartridges with new ones.

Power cycle your printer

  • In case none of the techniques mentioned above work, you can go ahead to power cycle your printer.
  • To do so, turn off your Canon printer and disconnect the power cable. Wait for a minute and reconnect the power cable to your printer. Now, turn on your printer and check whether the error code has disappeared.

If you cannot resolve the issue yet, get back to us for remote assistance.