Canon Tr4520 Troubleshooting Steps

Encountering an issue while using a printer is common. At the same time, resolving it is also an effortless process. On this page, you’re going in to see the “Canon TR4520 troubleshooting” methods.The troubleshooting methods may vary based on your issue.

Canon Tr4520 Troubleshooting

However, there are some simple troubleshooting instructions that help you resolve almost all the printer issues.

  • Restart the printer. It is an effective and easy way to fix the hidden bugs on your printer.
  • Resolve the connectivity problem. If you face any connectivity issues between your printer and the computer, check whether both the devices are connected to the same network.
  • Disable the security software or the firewall feature. If you encounter a Wi-Fi network issue, temporarily disable the firewall feature or the security software installed on your computer.
  • Install the latest version of your Canon TR4520 printer software. Periodically, check and update your printer software.

The Canon TR4520 printer’s advanced troubleshooting methods may vary based on the issues. In the below section, you can find the troubleshooting methods for some specific printer issues.

Issue 1: Can’t find my printer on a network

If you’re unable to find your Canon printer over a network during the setup process, perform the simple troubleshooting instructions given below to fix it.

  • As the first step of troubleshooting this issue, check whether your Canon TR4520 printer and the network device are turned on. If not, turn on the devices and check whether you can locate your printer on a network.
  • If you still cannot find your printer, check whether your network device is working properly.

Issue 2: Printer doesn’t print

“Printer won’t print” or “Printer not responding to the print operation” is not a new issue. It is a known issue and encountered by many peoples in their day-to-day life. To resolve this issue on your Canon printer, perform the troubleshooting instructions given below.

  • Turn on your Canon TR4520 printer if it is turned off.
  • Connect your Canon printer to the computer using a Wi-Fi or USB connection.
  • Configure the paper and cartridge settings correctly if they are configured incorrectly.
  • Check if any undesired print jobs are queued. If yes, delete them immediately.
  • Make sure that your Canon printer driver is selected correctly.
  • Configure the print settings correctly. 
  • Restart the printer and your computer.

Issue 3: Ink Does Not Come Out

  • Check the ink levels of the FINE cartridges that are installed on your printer.
  • If you find the ink level low or empty, replace the corresponding cartridges and print a test page.
  • Check to ensure that the ink cartridges are properly installed on your printer.
  • If you find your printer’s print head nozzles clogged, clean the nozzles, and print a test page.
  • Replace the print head if necessary.

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