Connect Amazon Echo Dot To Macbook

Connect Amazon Echo Dot To Macbook

Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker that listens to the user commands. You can control the device using the Alexa voice assistant. With the Amazon device, you can control the activities on your system and so many. Before that, read the following steps to connect Amazon Echo Dot to Macbook.

Macbook – Amazon Echo Dot connection:

1. Via Wi-Fi network

  • Enable the wireless network and connect the Macbook to it.
  • Open a browser on the Mac device and visit the official Amazon Alexa website.
  • Enter the login credentials and log in to your Alexa account.
  • Once the account page opens up, select the Settings menu on the left panel.
  • If you have many devices linked to the Alexa account, a list will appear. Choose your Amazon Echo Dot device from the list.
  • After that, click the Continue button to set up the Amazon Echo Dot device.
  • Once again, enter the Username and Password and click the Login button.
  • Next, under Begin Echo Dot setup, select the Continue button.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the web page to turn on the Amazon Echo Dot device.
  • Turn on the Amazon device and perform the action showed on the computer screen to set it up.
  • When the device detects the Wi-Fi network, select your network name and complete the setup

2. Via Bluetooth

  • After logging to the Alexa account from the browser window, go to the Settings menu.
  • Click Bluetooth and select the Pair a New Device option.
  • Alexa account searches for the devices.
  • Click the Bluetooth icon from the status menu bar.
  • Click Connect and follow the guided instructions.
  • Next, select Apple > System Preferences on the dock.
  • In the Sound panel, click Output and select your Amazon Echo Dot device.
  • We have now seen how Connect Amazon Echo Dot To Macbook using a Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth.