eM Client-Handles Multiple Email Accounts

eM Client is a user-friendly platform that enables easy email exchange and provides advanced Calendar solutions compared to other email clients. The email services that you can add to the eM Client are Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, and Outlook.com. Also, you can import data from eM Client to other email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, and Thunderbird and also make an Multiple Email Accounts.

eM Client-Handles Multiple Email Accounts
  • The first step you have to do to begin an email setup on eM client is to open the New Account window by selecting the Accounts option from the Tools menu.
  • Automatic setup is available on eM client, and it needs only the basic information such as email address and password. This is a time-saving method and is preferred by many.
  • Some opt to set up their email account manually. To begin configuring email manually, you need to first select the type of email account you wish to create on eM client.
  • Email address and password are the mandatory information that you have to specify.
  • Prefer using either POP or IMAP for the incoming mail server. SMTP is the only outgoing mail server supported by eM Client.
  • After finishing these steps, your email account will be created according to the specified server settings. But, do not forget to fill the Port field. This plays a vital role in transferring an email in an encrypted way.
  • Again, open the Accounts window. Check all the settings once for confirmation for making multiple email accounts.
  • Change the fields if they are assigned with the wrong information.
  • The port settings for email setup is the same irrespective of the email client or service.
  • ISPs recommend using the standard and secured port for the incoming mail server, i.e., 993 (IMAP) or 995 (POP).

Enable the SSL or TLS protocol for secured email transfer. The outgoing port field should be filled with either 587 or 465; port 587 is for TLS and port 465 is for SSL. Submit the details once done then you get multiple email accounts.