Fix: Epson print head cleaning not working

 Epson print head cleaning not working

If your printer is not delivering desirable output, you need to check the print head nozzles. The print head nozzle gets clogged when ink gets dried in the printhead region. When the print head gets clogged, your printer either stops printing or starts to print undesirable output. Moreover, performing print head cleaning may damage the print heads. Thus, it is recommended to clean the print head only when necessary. If the Epson print head cleaning not working, follow the troubleshooting techniques mentioned below and fix the issue in no time.

Steps to fix Epson print head cleaning not working

Checking the print head nozzles

Make sure not to check the print head nozzles on your Epson printer while it is printing. And also, repeatedly checking the print head may result in print head damage. So make it occasional.

  • Check whether the paper is loaded into the paper tray.
  • Access the printer control panel, select the Maintenance Option, and press OK.
  • Select the Print head nozzle check and press the OK button.
  • Follow and perform the on-screen instructions to complete the process and make sure the nozzles are working well. If not, clean the print head.

Remove the print head and wipe the nozzles

  • Air blockage or dust in the print head nozzles may lead to print head cleaning issues. So remove the print head from your Epson printer and wipe the nozzles with a clean damp cloth.
  • Navigate to the Maintenance section on your printer control panel, and clean the print heads once again with the print head cleaning tool. If the print head cleaning doesn’t work yet, go to the next section.

Replace the ink cartridges

  • When the ink cartridges are empty, you need to replace them as soon as possible. Also, make sure to use genuine ink cartridges so that you can avoid print head issues. Once you have replaced the ink cartridges, restart your Epson printer.
  • Then, clean the print heads once again, print a print test page, and check the quality of the printouts. If Epson print head cleaning not working yet, you can reach out to us.