Epson Workforce St-c2100 Setup

Make a huge impact at your workplace with Epson WorkForce ST-C2100 that features the Supertank printing technology with easy-to-fill and supersized ink tanks. Its compact size suits any desk and its speed can be used to complete challenging tasks. Print directly from your smartphone and tablets with wireless convenience.Here, we will see how to set up Epson WorkForce ST-C2100 for the first time. We shall see how to unbox the printer before we talk about the complete Epson WorkForce ST-C2100 setup.

Unboxing the printer:

  • Take out the printer from the packing.
  • Remove all the protective material from the printer.
  • Connect one end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to an electrical outlet.

Fill the ink tanks:

  • Raise the scanner unit and open the ink tank cover. Open the cap of the black ink tank.
  • Unwrap the black ink bottle. Hold the ink bottle upright and carefully open the bottle cap.
  • Insert the ink bottle mouth into the filling port. Wait until the tank is full.
  • Remove the ink bottle when the tank is full and close it securely.
  • Close the black ink tank cap securely.
  • Repeat the above steps to fill the remaining color inks.
  • After filling the ink tank, close the ink tank cover.

Load Paper:

  • Ensure that the printer is not charging ink.
  • Open the feeder guard, lift the paper support, and tilt it slightly backward.
  • Slide the edge guides away.
  • Carefully load paper with the glossy or printable side up. Place short edge first, in the middle of the rear paper feeder.
  • Move the edge guides against the paper. But do not fix them tightly against the paper. Then, put the feeder guard in its position.
  • Gently pull the output tray.
  • You can choose the paper settings on the printer's control panel.

Wireless network settings on the control panel:

  • Hit the Home button on the printer's control panel if necessary.
  • Use the arrow key to select Wi-Fi Setup. Press OK.
  • Find the Wi-Fi (Recommended) option using the arrow buttons and press OK twice.
  • Now, choose the name of your wireless network and press OK.
  • If you cannot find your wireless network's name, enter it manually by selecting the Other SSIDs option and then press OK. Enter the network name as it is described.
  • Press OK on the information screen, if needed.
  • Input your wireless password using the control panel buttons and press OK.
  • If the setup is successful, press OK to exit.
  • If it is unsuccessful, press the Start button to print a network setup report. Or else, press the Stop button to return to the previous menu.

Since this printer is new to the market, we have shared the basic Epson Workforce ST-C2100 Setup procedure. We have also made it very understandable for the new printer users.