Arlo Pro 2 Camera Not Detecting Motion

Consider the procedure given below to fix the Arlo Pro 2 Camera “not detecting motion” issue.

  • Check whether the camera is placed in the correct position.
  • Fix it in a location where you want to monitor the field of view.
  • Make sure to place the camera at least 7 feet from the floor level.
  • If any glass objects are in front of the camera, and you have set the field of view by passing through the glass, the glass object affects the sensitivity of the camera.
  • Remove any transparent objects from the camera and replace the glass objects before it.
  • If your camera is not detecting any motion, you will need to adjust the motion sensitivity.
  • Launch the Arlo application on your smartphone.
  • Go to Settings and select the My Devices tab.
  • Select your camera by the location where it is not detecting motion.
  • Tap on the Motion Detection Test option to check the issue.
  • Walk in the field of view of the selected camera and run the Motion Detection Test.
  • Increase the motion setting until you see the camera’s LED indicator light on the front starts blinking.
  • If the LED light blinks, the camera has started detecting your motion.
  • Press the checkmark to save the settings.
  • Note down the sensitivity level of the Motion Detection Test.
  • To change the level of sensitivity, select the Mode tile on the home screen. Then, tap on the Base Station tab.
  • For the Selected mode, touch the edit icon and select the camera where the motion is not detected. Slide the bar to the noted sensitivity level.
  • If the camera is detecting motion but is not sending email alerts, or sends alerts to a wrong email address, then follow the steps given below.
  • Go to Settings from your Arlo application.
  • Tap on the Profile tab. Select the “Confirm your email to receive alerts” link, and tap Send when prompted to send an email confirmation.
  • Launch your email application and open the mail received from Arlo.
  • Click on the link in the email message to verify the email address.
  • If the issue persists, open the Arlo application, navigate to Mode, and select the edit icon. Now, tap email alerts under the Alert section.
  • You can add your email address to receive all the alerts.
  • Reset the camera by taking out the battery.
  • Repeat the above process by performing a Motion Detection Test.