Simplisafe Keypad Won't Connect To Base Station

fix Simplisafe Keypad Won't Connect issue
  • IIf the Simplisafe Keypad Won't Connect To Base Station, it means the keypad is out of range.
  • The keypad is out of range if it cannot connect to the base station.
  • It can also be a reason that the keypad is far away from the base station.
  • Here are some of the troubleshooting steps to solve the connection configuration to the base station.
  • You can remove the battery from the keypad and reinsert it.
  • Unplug and plug in your Base station's adapter.
  • You can also try to remove the batteries from the base station.
  • Use the screwdriver that sits well with the screws and turn it anti-clockwise.
  • The battery compartment is at the bottom of the base station.
  • You can reconnect the keypad to the base station,Press the menu button on the keypad and enter the PIN lock.
  • Choose the Devices, Scroll Down to the keypad option.
  • The keypad will be identified by either the name you assigned to your keypad or by the serial number of the keypad.
  • It will resolve the out of range error, and the keypad will detect the base station.
  • Once the keypad is added, you can choose the name for your keypad.
  • After naming the device, you can exit the menu by again pressing the menu button on the keypad.
  • The home button is at the bottom-left corner of the keypad.