Simplisafe Smart-Lock Not Responding

When the SimpliSafe smart lock encounters issues, it does not respond to the user’s actions. The following reasons can be the cause of the Simplisafe Smart Lock Not Responding issue.;

Incomplete installation:

  • The base station of the SimpliSafe was already programmed with the necessary actions, but the installation was never done. If you do not need to install additional sensors to the SimpliSafe smart lock, you have to remove them using the Keypad of the smart lock.
  • Press the Menu button and then enter your Master PIN on the smart lock keypad.
  • Following that, choose the Devices option and then, using the right rocker, select the device name which you have to remove. .
  • Navigate down to the end of the menu list and select Remove with the right rocker or the right arrow on Keypad.
  • After that, press the Off button to return to the Menu.
Simplisafe Smart Lock Not Responding

Battery life ends:

  • When the battery installed in the SimpliSafe smart lock gets drained, the smart lock cannot respond to any action.
  • Check if the Keypad displays the message “Low Battery,” and then go on to replace the depleted batteries with new ones.
  • Slide the sensor upwards and take out the sensor from the wall, then hold the small release holder at the back of the sensor and remove the battery.
  • Please insert the new battery into the sensor and mount it on the wall to the original position.
  • If the Base station does not get continuous power supply, it uses the rechargeable backup power for the other 24 hours. In case the backup charge is over, then the smart lock cannot operate.

Base Station is far away:

  • If the Base station is placed at a long distance from the smart lock, then the lock cannot communicate with the Base Station.
  • To know the Base Station communication status with the sensor, 
  • Press the Menu button on the smart lock keypad, and then enter the Master PIN.
  • Move to the Test Mode option, and press the right rocker or right arrow to select the option.
  • The Base station informs that it is entering the Test Mode. Next, press on the button at the top of the sensor mounted on the wall. 
  • And if the Base Station communicates with the sensor, then the Base Station announces the sensor information. Otherwise, the Base Station does not announce anything.
  • If there is no communication between the Base and the sensor, remove the sensor from the original position and place it near to the Base Station and try again to communicate.
  • This time if the communication happens, then it confirms that the Base Station is far away from the sensor, therefore change the Base Station location near to the sensor location.

Keypad software not updated:

  • When the Base Station software is updated but the keypad software in not updated, then the smart lock does not work.
  • Please turn on the Wi-Fi router network and make it visible to the other devices.
  • Press on the Menu button on the Keypad of the smart lock.
  • Then, go to the System Settings option.
  • Next, choose Wi-Fi and then select your Wi-Fi network name.
  • After that, input the network password to access the Wi-Fi network.
  • If the Wi-Fi connection is successful, the message appears on the Keypad.
  • When the Keypad is connected to a Wi-Fi network, then the available software updates for the Keypad will be displayed.
  • You can now update the keypad. For any assistance in resolving issues with the SimpliSafe security system, you can contact us.