Get the network using router to your favorite corner

Who would not want network access all over their place? A Wi-Fi extender helps you achieve broad network connectivity by enhancing the coverage area. When you are unable to use network connection from specific area in your home, connect a Wi-Fi extender device that can provide the same network attributes which can be utilized by your devices even when you are far off from the main router. These instructions can assist you in setting up the Wi-Fi extender and get network using router.

Network Using Router
  • Be sure that the router connection is turned on.
  • You have to connect the extender to the electrical socket to turn it on for getting network using router.
  • But, keep it in mind that it is crucial to find a location somewhat near to the router to complete the extender settings.
  • Make a connection between your computer device and the extender using an Ethernet cable.
  • To configure the extender, launch the browser and enter the extender IP address or the official website of the extender company.
  • No, you have to log in to your extender account to perform the settings.
  • Open the settings option and choose the network your router is providing from the list of suggested networks.
  • If you want to secure your extender network, then enable the security features for the extender. You can keep the same Wi-Fi network name and passkey for both the router and the extender.
  • One more aspect to consider is the location where the extender is to be placed for an ideal network connection. Choose a spot that is almost central between the router and location where Wi-Fi is weak.
  • Now, connect your devices to the Wi-Fi network, which was weak previously. You need to enter the network ID and password set for your extender for getting network using router.