How Does The Amazon Fire Tv Cube Work?

The Amazon Fire TV will listen to you when you talk and execute all your commands. The little box does these activities around your house and also on your entertainment center. Using the Amazon Fire Cube, you can perform the following functions:

Amazon Fire Tv Cube
  • You can obtain the day’s weather report.
  • You can utilize Alexa as an intercom.
  • You will be able to stream Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or Hulu.
  • You will also be able to perform live TV streaming with Sling TV.

Apart from acting as a smart home hub, the Amazon Fire TV Cube also allows you to control almost everything in your AV setup by using only your voice commands.

  • The Amazon Fire Cube is actually a combination of a Fire TV and an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot . If you say, “Alexa, play (the name of the show),” the Fire TV Cube will turn on your TV set, fire up the correct app, and launch the show that you mentioned.
  • The Fire TV Cube has been designed such that it can hear you even when there are other noises in your room. When you say the “wake” word that you have selected (such as “Alexa!”), the current activity will be paused, thus allowing the device to listen to your command.
  • In case you are going to resume a TV show that you have started already, the Fire TV Cube will pick up from the scene where you have stopped watching.
  • If you are searching for movies or shows that appear in multiple streaming services, the Fire TV cube will list all of them. It then allows you to select the streaming service where you wish to watch them.
  • Examples of multiple streaming services in which the same movies or shows are displayed are Netflix and Hulu.
  • The Fire TV Cube helps you make the right decision. For instance, if a particular show can be watched on Netflix, but it is more expensive on Prime, the Fire TV Cube will provide you with adequate information to decide wisely.

The Amazon Echo or Echo Dot acts as a hub of your smart home. Similarly, the Amazon Fire TV Cube can also act as a hub. And then, it will let you control your lights, remote security cameras, smart switches, etc.

The Cube contains four buttons:

  • There is one that functions like the Enter key.
  • There is a plus button.
  • A minus button is available.
  • The plus and minus buttons can be used for adjusting your volume.
  • There is a privacy button.

In the rear section of the Cube, you can see the ports for your power adapter and HDMI input. You can also find the ports for the micro USB devices and the infrared cable. These are the various aspects of the Amazon Fire TV Cube and the method in which it functions.