How To Add Apps To Wd Tv Live

How To Add Apps To Wd Tv Live

WD TV Live from Western Digital is a media player that enables you to play your favorite videos, photos, and music over a home network or from an external storage drive, such as a USB drive.

Connecting and setting up this media player on a TV or HDTV is straightforward. The best part is that you can even add additional apps to it. This article will show you How To Add Apps To WD Tv Live in quick and simple steps.

Add Apps To Wd Tv Live- Step-by-step Guide With Pictures

Here are the three simple steps that help you to add an app to WD TV Live.

You can’t add an app directly to WD TV Live. You should download and save the app to a USB or storage drive. Then, you need to connect it to your WD TV Live player and add the app.

Downloading The App

  • First, choose the app that you wish to add to WD TV Live and download it.
  • You can use the Microsoft Store or Apple App Store application to download the app.
  • Go to the App Store or Microsoft Store app from your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Choose the app that you want and download it.
  • Ensure that the app you have selected works with WD TV Live.

Saving The App File

  • Insert the USB flash drive (you wish to use) into the computer (on which you have saved the downloaded app file).
  • Extract the app file if it is zipped before moving it to the drive.
  • Now, move the file and disconnect the USB drive from your computer.

Adding Apps To The Apps List

  • Ensure that the WD TV Live is turned on and connected to your TV.
  • Now, connect the USB drive to your WD TV Live.
  • Wait for the WD TV to recognize the connected drive.
  • Once it is done, choose the Settings option on the main screen of WD TV Live.
  • Choose System > Reboot Screen.
  • Wait for the WD Live TV to reboot and become stable.
  • Choose Services on the TV’s main screen.
  • Select All Applications > Apps on USB.
  • Now, choose the app that is saved on the USB drive and press OK.
  • Now you know How To Add Apps To WD Tv Live by following the on-screen instructions.

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