How To Change Netgear Router Password?

How To Change Netgear Router Password

A new Netgear router is configured with default factory settings. But when you set up the router, you can modify these settings as you want. For that, you need to access the router configuration page. Generally, you have to log in to the router configuration page using a username and password. If it is a new router, you must log in with the default username and password. Once you log in to the router configuration page, it is better to change the default login password for security reasons. Understand that his password is not your Wi-Fi network password, but it is the password to log in to your router’s configuration page. Continue reading to know how to change Netgear router password, follow the below mentioned steps.

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  • Initially, connect your computer to the Netgear router either using an Ethernet cable or over Wi-Fi.
  • Following that, launch a web browser on the computer, type the router’s login URL in the address bar, and press Enter.
  • When the router’s login page is loaded, enter the default user name and password, which are “admin” and “password” respectively, and click Log in.
  • After entering the router’s configuration page, go to the Advanced panel.
  • Next, click the Administration menu on the left navigation panel.
  • Select Set Password to change the existing router password. Now enter the old password (default) and then type the new password twice.
  • In case you forgot the password in the future, you can recover it. For that, you have to enable password recovery settings.
  • Now, enable the checkbox beside Enable Password Recovery and click the Apply button at the top.
  • Once you return to the router’s login page, enter the user name and new password to log in.
  • By following the above steps on how to change netgear router password.

If you also want to change the Wi-Fi network password, consider the below steps.

  • In the Home panel, select Wireless on the left panel and enter the new network name and password.
  • Click Apply to save the settings.