How To Connect Amazon Fire Stick To Tv?

Connect Amazon Fire Stick To Tv

Prior to connecting your Amazon Fire Stick to your TV, please check if you have all the following items:

  • You should have a TV (that is compatible): You can use any TV that is HD or UHD along with an HDMI port.
  • You need a wireless internet connection.
  • You require an Amazon account: You should have a regular Amazon account. In case you do not have one already, you can create a new one during setup.
  • You must have two AAA batteries for the Fire TV Stick remote.

Once you have all the above essential things, you can Connect Amazon Fire Stick To Tv. To do so, carry out the instructions provided below:

Powering on:

  • First, plug your power adapter into the TV Stick.
  • Next, plug the other end into an electrical outlet.
  • Now, make sure that the TV Stick has been turned on.

Choosing your channels:

  • The first step is to turn your TV to the same channel that your Amazon Fire TV Stick has been plugged into. These will be HDMI 1 and HDMI 3.
  • Now, you will be looking at a loading screen along with your “Fire TV Stick” logo.

Attaching to the HDMI port of your TV:

  • You will find an HDMI port at the rear part of your TV.
  • Plug your TV Stick into this HDMI port.
  • Adding your remote:

    Insert the batteries into your remote. When you do this, your remote will pair with your TV Stick automatically.

    Connecting your TV Stick to the internet:

    Carry out the on-screen instructions in order to connect the TV Stick to your Wi-Fi network.

    Registering your Fire TV Stick:

    To register your Fire TV Stick to your Amazon account, simply follow the on-screen instructions. Now You did Connect Amazon Fire Stick To Tv. You are now ready to go!!!