How To Connect External Hard Drive To Nvidia Shield?

  • You can set up an external drive as a removable storage device. By doing this, sharing files will become possible. But you will not be able to install games and apps on your removable storage device so for you can connect external drive to Nvidia shield.
  • In case you are using a USB drive for sharing content between your Nvidia Shield and PC, you should set up the USB drive only as removable storage.
  • Users of the Shield TV Pro of 500 GB would prefer using the external drives as removable storage devices.
  • Ensure that you utilize a microSD card that has a Class 10 speed rating (or a higher rating). Or else, make use of a USB 3.0 drive. You have to use only these devices because slower SD cards or USB drives will ultimately lead to the poor performance of your games and apps.
connect external drive to Nvidia Shield

Now, to connect any external storage device (or hard drive) to your Nvidia Shield, execute the instructions given here:

  • First, insert the external storage device into your Nvidia Shield then only connect external drive to Nvidia shield.
  • If you are unable to see a pop-up, follow these steps:
  • Navigate to Settings. Then, go to Storage & reset.
  • If you can see the pop-up, then continue with the following instructions.
  • From the list that displays on the screen, choose your external drive.
  • If you want to set up the external storage as your internal, do the following:
  • To format your external storage device, choose the Set up as internal storage option.
  • Important Note: The above action will delete any data that is present in the external storage device.
  • To finish connecting the external device to your Nvidia Shield, select the Move now option.
  • The above step is compulsory if you are setting up your new external storage as your internal one.
  • When you select the Move now option, all the data from the internal storage will be moved to your new external storage device.
  • We have now seen the method to connect external drive to Nvidia shield in simply.