How To Connect Nvidia Shield Tablet To Tv?

Learn how to connect Nvidia Shield tablet to Tv, In Nvidia Shield tablet K1 has been specially designed for gaming purposes. The tablet is speedy and has been built around the NVIDIA Tegra K1 mobile processor. Apart from the 16GB internal storage, the device has a microSD card slot that offers up to 128GB of extended storage. It also supports a Mini HDMI output. The SHIELD tablet has been entirely integrated into the gaming ecosystem of NVIDIA. It can be paired with the SHIELD controller too.

How To Connect Nvidia Shield Tablet To Tv

To connect your NVIDIA SHIELD tablet to your TV, carry out the instructions given here:

  • Using the Mini HDMI port on your tablet, you can get connected to a TV. This facility allows you to play games on the TV itself.
  • First, plug the HDMI cable into your TV. You will see a dialog box appear on your screen.
  • This dialog box will present you with two options:
  • The Mirror mode:Using this mode, you can just mirror your display from the SHIELD tablet K1 to the TV. The Mirror mode will also allow you to watch your favorite Netflix, CBS Sports, or Kodi. Using the Mirror mode, you will be able to stream channels such as Xfinity.
  • The Console mode:This mode will prompt you to connect the SHIELD controller. After you connect the SHIELD controller, you will have a fantastic and fun-filled gaming experience.
  • By Using these steps we can execute that how to connect Nvidia Shield tablet to Tv.
  • The connection part is very simple and straight-forward. Connect the controller to your tablet using cable connectors. The tablet, in turn, has to be connected to your TV through the Mini HDMI port. You can now start playing games on the TV by operating the controller. It is as simple as that.
  • You can use your SHIELD tablet K1 to test Android games. NVIDIA has a cloud gaming service called GeForce NOW.
  • GeForce NOW lets you access the library of AAA PC games on your SHIELD tablet. The gaming service will aid you in streaming games on your TV. You can do this using the Mini HDMI cable.
  • We can say that the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 acts like a Nintendo switch. The Nintendo switch is a hand-held gaming device. You can plug the device into a docking station and then connect it to a TV. But you will not be able to play the same games like those on your Nintendo device.
  • Follow these we can execute that how to connect Nvidia Shield tablet to Tv.