How To Detect And Remove Viruses On Mac

 How To Detect And Remove Viruses On Mac

Out of all operating systems, Mac OS is the best when it comes to virus protection and other security features. Mac OS is designed with high-level security settings that are almost enough to fight against all the viruses, malware, and other defects out there.

However, some viruses find a way to enter a Mac computer. Fortunately, you can detect and remove viruses from your Mac. So, if your Mac computer is infected by a virus, don’t worry. This article is all about How To Detect And Remove Viruses On Mac.

Detect And Remove Viruses On Mac - Five Simple Methods With Pictures

Here are the five simple methods that help you detect and remove viruses on Mac. Perform the following methods in order until you detect and remove all the viruses on your Mac computer.

Turn Off The Internet

  • Disconnecting your Mac computer from the internet is an easy and simple method to detect and remove viruses.
  • Why? Some viruses and malware are designed to enter your computer via the internet.
  • So, disconnect your Mac computer from the internet as the first step in detecting and removing viruses on it.
  • Open the Network screen on your computer.
  • Select the network name and click on the Turn Wi-Fi Off button if your connection is Wi-Fi.
  • Similarly, if your connection type is Wired (Ethernet), click on Ethernet and choose Off from the Configure IPv4 drop-down menu followed by Save.

Remove Suspicious Browser Extensions

  • If your Mac computer has started misbehaving after installing/adding an app extension on your browser, the virus might have entered through it.
  • In this case, delete the added extension to remove the virus from your computer.
  • Here we have shown you how to remove an extension in Safari.
  • Open the Safari browser. Select Preferences > Extensions.
  • Locate and choose the Extension that you want to remove in the opened window.
  • Click Uninstall to remove the selected extension.

Detect And Remove The Malicious Apps

  • Many virus developers try to spread their viruses through malicious applications. So, check whether you have installed a suspicious update or app on your Mac computer unknowingly or accidentally. If yes, remove it.
  • To do so, open Finder. Choose the Applications option.
  • Select Utilities > Activity Monitor.
  • Here, choose the suspicious app and click Quit.

Run A Virus Scan

  • If you’re unable to detect and remove viruses on Mac using the above methods, run a virus scan on your computer using your antivirus software.
  • Download and install the antivirus for Mac on your computer. We have selected MacKeeper antivirus software to show you how to detect and remove viruses on Mac.
  • Open the MacKeeper antivirus software. Choose Antivirus > Start Full Scan.
  • Detect and remove the viruses on your Mac by following the on-screen instructions.

Clear The Browser Cache (chrome)

  • Unwanted data stored on your browser can also help a virus enter your computer easily.
  • So, clear the browser cache to avoid it.

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