How To Fix Macbook Battery Drain Issue

Fix Macbook Battery Drain Issue

Several factors impact your MacBook's battery power. For instance, different browsers consume different amounts of battery power, which can also impact your MacBook's performance. However, the root cause of this problem can be the power settings. If your charger sparks when you connect it to the wall adapter, change it immediately and see if your problem is fixed. If this doesn't work, try the following troubleshooting solutions and see on How To Fix Macbook Battery Drain Issue.

Check The Basic Settings

  • Usually, Mac gobbles up more battery during the initial setup; in that case, you don't need to worry; this happens only during the initial setup.
  • If you run too many apps simultaneously, your battery may drain fast. Therefore, close the unwanted applications and check your battery's performance.
  • If your MacBook's battery is draining fast after upgrading to macOS 10.14, the problem might be with the default settings.
  • Turn off all the additional functions on your MacBook, including Bluetooth and keyboard light. Also, reduce the screen brightness. This will show you the exact battery life of your Mac, and you can clearly understand which apps are consuming more power.

Modify The Battery Settings

  • n most instances, the real problem exists with the battery settings, and when you make a few modifications to those settings, you can rectify the problem quickly. Battery settings will show you how fast your MacBook’s battery is draining and the apps which are consuming more power.
  • n your MacBook, locate the Battery icon at the top-right corner and click on it. Then select Battery Preferences.
  • ow, set the time for the display to wait before it turns off and the display settings when your Mac is not connected to power.

How To Replace The Battery

  • If your battery is due for replacement, this can be the possible cause of the battery drain problem.
  • To check the actual status of your battery, open the Apple menu and select About this Mac> System Information> Power.
  • If it indicates the condition as Fair/Normal, you need not replace the battery. If the indication is Poor/Check battery, it's time to replace it.

This is how you should tackle the battery drain issue on your MacBook. And, with some strategies, you can actually improve your battery life. The following tips can help you in that regard.

Techniques To Improve Battery Life

  • Activate energy saver: It allows your Mac to preserve the battery life efficiently. When your system is idle, it will deactivate the backlight and save energy to some extent.
  • Minimize the keyboard lighting: Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences> Keyboard Activate> Adjust keyboard brightness in low light. Now, your Mac will regulate the keyboard brightness to the optimum level.
  • Regulate apps usage: If your MacBook's battery is running out quickly, it might have occurred due to unused apps that are running in the background. Therefore, close these applications and also disable a few functionalities like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB when not in use.

The above techniques can help you handle on How To Fix Macbook Battery Drain Issue efficiently.

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