How To Fix Outlook For Web Error 500

Fix Outlook For Web Error 500

Outlook, undoubtedly, is one of the best email clients and an excellent personal information manager software. It enables you to manage all your emailing activities in a single place. Apart from mailing, you can also manage calendars, track tasks, store names, numbers, etc., using this email client.

However, there are certain problems encountered by users of Outlook. This article will clearly explain how to fix Outlook for Web error 500.

What Is Outlook For Web Error 500?

Well, it is one of the common Outlook errors that many users experience. When the user tries to access the mail, a dialog box with the message ‘Something went wrong: Error 500. Repeating redirects detected?’ appears on the screen.

This error may occur due to so many reasons, such as

Check if the Yahoo Mail server is down

  • Cache corruption
  • No, poor, or unstable internet connection
  • Incomplete installation of the app

Verify the Yahoo Mail credentials

  • Incorrect Login credentials
  • Security software, etc.

Even if this error looks annoying, there are some possible workarounds that help you fix the Outlook for Web error 500. The rest of this article explains the same.

Simple And Quick Solution

Before performing the advanced troubleshooting method, try these simple solutions to fix the Outlook for Web error 500.

  • Fix the network connection problems. A faculty or unstable internet connection can lead to many errors and issues like this one. So, initially, check your computer’s (on which you’re encountering the Outlook error) network status. If the network is unstable or not working properly, disconnect your computer from it, and use a stable and working connection.
  • Check the service status. If the Outlook service is temporarily unavailable or stopped by the provider, there is a chance for you to encounter this error. Visit the Office 365 page and check the service status by clicking the ‘View your Microsoft…’ command. If the service is unavailable, wait for it to be available.
  • Reinstall the Outlook app. An incomplete installation of the app can also lead to this kind of error. Reinstall the app if necessary.

5 Solutions to Fix the Outlook Error 500

Go on and try the following solutions one by one to fix the Outlook for Web error 500.

Use The Incognito Tab

Why should you use the Incognito tab? We all know the fact that this tab acts as a private browsing session. Apart from this, it also blocks or removes cookies, site data, and plugins that are saved on your browser.

So, if the cookie, data, or plugin is causing the Outlook for Web error 500, you can resolve it by accessing the account in incognito mode. Open this mode on your browser and access your account. If the error persists, try the next method.

Clear The Cache And Cookies

Sometimes, the browser’s cache and cookie data might also be the cause of this kind of error. So, clear the cache and cookie data on your browser to check and confirm it. After doing that, access your Outlook for Web account.

Disable Extensions

Even if an extension adds new features and functions to your web browser, it can also block some specific websites like Outlook. So, if you have enabled any extensions on your browser, disable them and then access the Outlook for Web app.

Update The Browser

Generally, for a web-based service to work or respond properly, your browser must be compatible with it. If the browser you’re using to access the Outlook for Web service is outdated, update it to resolve the error 500.

Disable The Security Software

Utilizing security software is a good way to protect your data from online threats, viruses, etc. But, it can also lead to many errors if its settings are misconfigured. Configure the security software settings correctly to allow access to Outlook for Web or temporarily disable the software to resolve the error.

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