How To Install Ring Video Doorbell 2 Youtube

Let us see how to install the Ring video doorbell 2 if you wish to connect it to existing doorbell wiring.

Network Using Router
  • This installation is necessary if you want the internal bell to ring whenever somebody pushes the button on the front of the Ring video doorbell 2.
  • You have to charge the battery fully before installation.
  • Plug the charging cable into the battery. When you are charging the battery, both the green and red lights will illuminate.
  • If you find only the green light, it means that the battery is completely charged.
  • Now, slide your battery back into its compartment until you hear a click. The clicking sound indicates that the battery is secure.
  • Once you insert the battery, it will take around half-a-minute for your Ring doorbell 2 to power up.
  • Before you install your doorbell, complete its in-app setup. You have to do this indoors close to your Wi-Fi router.
  • First shut the power off to the doorbell wiring from the breaker box.
  • Remove the already-existing doorbell from the wall. Disconnect all the wires.
  • Mark the installation location of your Ring doorbell on the wall.
  • If you need to install the Ring doorbell on brick, concrete, or stucco, perform the following:
  • Make use of the drill bit (provided to you) to drill holes into the wall.
  • Now, insert the anchors into the holes

In case you wish to install the Ring doorbell on wood, perform the following:

  • The anchors are not necessary.
  • Screw your doorbell directly into the wall.
  • The usual installation height for your Ring doorbell is 4 feet off the ground.
  • If you are installing the doorbell to wires that are higher than 4 feet, utilize the wedge mount. The wedge mount is necessary to angle the doorbell for enhancing your view.
  • In case you are connecting the doorbell to existing wires, you have to use a transformer. The transformer must have a voltage of 8-24 Volt AC.
  • You will need a resistor in case you are wiring directly to the transformer.
  • Remember that most of the intercoms and DC transformers are not supportive.
  • If the existing doorbell wires are very short and you cannot wire the Ring doorbell, utilize the wire extensions and nuts.
  • Use these wire extensions and wire nuts to connect them together.
  • Once you finish connecting the wires, tighten the screws at the back of the doorbell. This action is necessary to ensure a good connection.
  • If you need help while installing the Ring video doorbell, refer to the printed manual provided with it.
  • Feed all the wires and wire nuts into the wall.
  • Secure the doorbell using the screws provided.
  • Install the face-plate by clicking it into place.
  • Use the star-shaped end of a screwdriver to secure the face-plate with one of the security screws.
  • At the breaker, turn on the power.
  • Now, the front light on your Ring video doorbell will illuminate.
  • Your Ring video doorbell 2 is now ready to use.