How To Install Simplisafe Camera?

The SimpliSafe security camera allows you to record 720p crystal clear HD videos. SimpliSafe does live streaming, which helps in capturing all videos and stream it live to your smartphone. The Night vision feature allows recording all the events even in dark with the super-sharp night vision. Extreme Privacy Control helps you to adjust the privacy shutter and take control over the lens. Unpack the contents from the package to start the setup process of how to install simplisafe camera. 

Proceed with the steps given below to install the SimpliSafe Home Security Camera.

Step 1: Installing the base station

  • Choose the central location to place the Base station on your home. 
  • Make sure not place the base station on the floor. Put it on an elevated table.
  • Plug in the power cord at the bottom port and the other adapter end to an electrical outlet.
  • Speaker is located on top of the base station.
  • If the LED is lighted blue on the SimpliSafe base station, it indicates that the Base Station is connected to the other devices.

Step 2: Installing the keypad of SimpliSafe

  • Peel the sticker film on the back of the keypad and stick the keypad to the wall. 
  • You can change the batteries by removing the bracket at the bottom side.
  • Remove the tag at the bottom to turn on the power of the keypad.
  • Once the keypad is connected to all the devices, set a master PIN for your system.
  • Tap the right navigation key and enter a four-digit pin.

Step 3: Installing the motion sensor

  • Open the cover behind the device to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor.
  • A black button present above the battery area helps to change the sensitivity from low to high or vice versa.
  • The motion detectors can be installed on the corner below the ceiling.

Step 4: Installing Entry sensors

  • Remove the sticker cover and fix the sticker to the entry sensor. The LED light on the sensor will blink blue. The Base station also responds when it is connected.
  • Now, remove the sticker part and fix the entry sensors to the doors and windows of your home.

Step 5: Naming all the devices in keypad

  • Pull the tag from the motion sensor and press the test button on top of it to know how to install simplisafe camera.
  • When the base station instructs you to choose a name for the motion sensor, select the name and tap Set.
  • Choose the other option to enter a name by yourself. Follow the same procedure with all the other devices to name them. 
  • Set the name for all the motion sensors and entry sensors.
  • Touch Done if you have named all the devices and tap Next.
How To Install Simplisafe Camera

Step 6: Registering device and monitoring service

  • Go to the official SimpliSafe website and log in to your account.
  • Enter the serial number of the base station present on the bottom of the base station. Then, click Next.
  • Follow the instructions to register and monitor your device on a subscription; however, this step is not mandatory.
  • From the home screen of the SimpliSafe website, you can choose whether you are off, home, or away.
  • Navigate to the System tab and set the General settings.
  • To set alerts, download the mobile application.

Step 7: Installing the Simplisafe Camera

Setting up the Camera:

  • Unpack the Camera and remove the transparent film from the camera lens if you know how to install simplisafe camera.
  • An LED light is present on the upper part of the camera, and the motion sensor is at the bottom.
  • Remove the cap from the USB cable that came in the package.
  • Remove the camera stand and plug the USB cable in to the camera’s backside.
  • Plug the other end of the USB cable to the power adaptor. Fix the stand back to the camera.

Step 8: Installing the SimpliSafe application:

  • Make sure to configure your wireless network to connect and know how to install simplisafe camera in simply.
  • If you are using an Android phone, download the SimpliSafe application from the Google Play Store app.
  • For an iOS device like iPhone, iPad, download the application from the Apple App Store.
  • Search for SimpliSafe on the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Launch the application from your smartphone. Log in using the SimpliSafe account username and password.
  • Enter the master PIN you have previously set on the keypad to get logged in to the SimpliSafe application.
  • Tap the Menu icon and click the Cameras tab.
  • Touch the Install Camera button and select Yes if you are installing the camera at home. If not, select the other option.
  • When prompted to access the device location, tap “Allow all the time.”
  • Type a name for the SimpliSafe camera when instructed.
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network from the list and enter the network password. Then, tap Next.
  • Select your room where you are going to fix the Camera.
  • Check if the LED light on the top of the camera flashes white.
  • If the light doesn’t flash, press and hold the Test button on the top of the Camera for about 10 seconds.
  • Now, scan the code you received on your smartphone. Show the encrypted code in front of the camera to get connected.
  • Once the Camera is connected, tap Done.
  • Change the settings in the Privacy Shutter section. 
  • Once you have completed all the above steps, a yellow-light will be displayed on the Camera LED, and the Camera reboots for the first time you set it up & Finally you will know how to install simplisafe camera.