How to Install Simplisafe Smart Lock?

Use the below procedure on how to install Simplisafe Smart Lock onto the door.

How to Install Simplisafe Smart Lock?
  • Before installing a smart lock, see that the door lock is a Deadbolt type lock, which has a keyhole on the outside of the door and a thumbturn structure on the inside. 
  • Remove the mounting plate of the smart lock by pushing the wing latches outwards from the plate and separate the mounting metal plate from the smart lock.
  • Stick the tape on the keyhole of the lock, which is on outside the door to hold it in a secure position.
  • Unscrew the thumbturn part of the deadbolt lock, which is on the other side of the door.
  • Now, place the projected side of the mounting plate facing the thumbturn, lining with the thumbturn connector part.
  • Then, screw the mounting plate along with the deadbolts lock and fix it to the door.
  • Check if the screws are tight but do not make it too tight that the mounting plates bend.
  • If needed, use the washers to connect the screws onto the mounting plate that is held to the door.
  • Look for the tailpiece in the door and then insert the same kind of plastic tailpiece adapter which is provided while purchasing.
  • If the door is in a locked position, turn the thumbturn to bring the door to the unlock position.
  • Next, place the smart lock over the mounting plate such that it fits correctly onto the plastic tailpiece adapter.
  • After installing the lock, press the wing latches inwards to the mounting plate.
  • If there is a gap between the latches or the lock adapter does not close, the mounting plates may be tight. In such a case, loosen the screw holding the mounting plate.
  • Test the locking system of the door by turning the thumbturn and then install the PIN pad on the outside of the door using double-sided tape; otherwise, use screws to hold the pad.
  • Leave at least 3-inch space below the PIN pad for installing and removing batteries.
  • Now, make the required settings with the keypad for protection services.
  • To get instant assistant for how to install Simplisafe Smart Lock contact our experts.