How To Pair Alexa With Iphone Without Wifi?

How To Pair Alexa With Iphone Without Wifi

Amazon’s Echo (commonly known as Alexa) has several features to be your best companion. Using this device, you can stream music, get instant news updates, and have answers to all your questions. Alexa uses Wi-Fi to access everything from Google. In case you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can still access Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker to stream music, podcasts, or audiobooks that you have on your iPhone. Keep reading the steps below to know how to Pair Alexa With Iphone Without Wifi

Steps to pair Alexa with iPhone

  • Before starting, ensure that your Alexa is within the range.
  • Turn on your Alexa and enable the microphone.
  • Ask Alexa to turn on Bluetooth and wait for the response.
  • When Alexa says ‘Searching,’ go to your iPhone.
  • Launch the Settings app and select Bluetooth.
  • Toggle on the Bluetooth button and wait until you see the available Bluetooth devices.
  • Locate your Alexa device from the displayed list and tap on it to pair it with your iPhone via Bluetooth.
  • Now, stream music or play audiobooks from your iPhone to check if your Alexa device has been paired.

Alternate method: Using the Alexa app

  • You can also make use of the Alexa app to pair your Alexa device with your iPhone without Wi-Fi.
  • On your iPhone, launch the Alexa app and tap the Menu icon at the top-left corner.
  • Tap the Settings button and start searching for your Alexa device from the displayed list.
  • After selecting your Alexa device, tap the Bluetooth button.
  • Now, you will be directed to the next screen automatically to start the pairing process.
  • In case you have already paired any other devices using Bluetooth, tap the Clear button at the bottom of the page to erase all the paired devices.
  • Next, tap the device you wish to pair and wait for the message from your Alexa device that is in pairing mode.
  • Finally, open the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and connect your Alexa to use it as a Bluetooth speaker.
  • You have now seen how to Pair Alexa With iPhone Without Wifi.