How To Renew Webroot Secureanywhere Subscription

Renew Webroot Secureanywhere Subscription

Antivirus software has become essential today to secure your devices from potential threats. Are you a Webroot SecureAnywhere user? If yes, learn how to renew the Webroot Secure Anywhere subscription from this page. Here we have given a clear-cut procedure to make it hassle-free.

Why is it necessary to renew your antivirus subscription? Well, you can’t continue using the features and services provided by the antivirus software if it is outdated. Now, let’s get started on how to renew the subscription for the Webroot antivirus.

  • To begin with, close all the running programs on your Windows computer.
  • Check if the Internet connection is stable.
  • Open the Start menu and type ‘webroot’ in the search field.
  • Click to launch the Webroot antivirus program from the search results.
  • Alternatively, double-click the Webroot icon on the desktop to launch it.
  • Once you have opened the Webroot dashboard, click the Settings icon next to My Account.
  • Click the Upgrade/Renew button at the bottom-left corner of the dashboard.
  • Next, Webroot will direct you to the official website. From there, purchase an upgrade you want for the software. Only then can you renew your Webroot SecureAnywhere subscription.
  • When the upgrade for the subscription is purchased, you will receive the keycode through the email that you have already registered.
  • Open a new tab in the browser and sign in to your account.
  • Open the email from Webroot and get the keycode for the subscription you have purchased.
  • Now, return to the Webroot SecureAnywhere dashboard and enter the keycode in the required field.
  • Click the Activate button and let the program get renewed.
  • After completing the renewal process, close the Webroot program and restart your computer.

Now, you have learned how to renew the Webroot Secure Anywhere subscription. If you are stuck during the renewal process, reach our technical experts to help you.