How To Reset Amazon Fire Stick using Remote?

With the Amazon Fire Stick device, you can watch your favorite video programs form the Internet and several streaming services. This does not mean the Amazon streaming device works all the time perfectly, it does have technical glitches. If issues occur on the device, there are many troubleshooting measures that you can try. If nothing helps, the simplest solution is to reset the device. Performing a reset on the device erases all the device configuration and data, so you need to back up the data of the device before you proceeding with the reset. Always consider resetting as the last troubleshooting action.

Reset Amazon Fire Stick using Remote

Learn how to reset Amazon Fire Stick using remote

  • Power up the Amazon Fire Stick TV and see that the device remains on during the entire process.
  • Now, press the back button and the right navigation button at the same time for about 10 seconds.
  • The reset message appears on the screen, select the Reset menu and wait for some time for the reset to start.
  • The Amazon Firestick device starts to reset and then restarts when the reset completes. We have now seen how to Reset Amazon Fire Stick using Remote

In case you cannot do the reset with a remote, there is another method to perform the reset on the Firestick device.

  • Turn on the Firestick TV, and the home screen appears on the TV.
  • Select the Settings menu at the top, then choose My Fire TV.
  • From the two options which show up on the screen, select Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • When the device prompts to enter a PIN, type the PIN and click the Reset button to start resetting the device.
  • The device restarts after the reset.