How To Reset Dell Laptop

How To Reset Dell Laptop

In most cases, the reset process is a part of troubleshooting. However, you can also reset your laptop if you wish to restore its settings to default or if you wish to sell your laptop to someone.Before beginning the reset process, take a backup of the important files that are stored on your Dell laptop (if it is turned on).After backing up your files, reset the Dell laptop as discussed below.

Resetting the Dell laptop using Windows Push-Button Reset

  • On your Windows laptop’s taskbar, click the Start menu or icon.
  • In the Quick Search field, type the Reset command and tap the Enter button.
  • Now, from the System Settings menu, select the Reset this PC option.
  • Go to the Reset this PC section in the opened window.
  • Click the GET STARTED button.
  • Choose the option named Remove Everything. Next, select the Just remove my files or Remove files and clean the drive option as per your preferences.
  • Click Continue.
  • Reset your Dell laptop by following the rest of the instructions displayed on the screen.


Just remove my files: Select this option if you want to reset your laptop settings only.

Remove files and clean the drive: Select this option if you wish to delete files and also clear your drive.

Resetting the Dell laptop using the “Reset Button”

If you’re using the Dell XPS 15z or Dell Inspiron 5523 notebook laptop, use the Reset button option to reset your laptop.


Dell Inspiron and XPS 15z models don’t come with an external battery; instead, they come with an internal battery that is not easy to remove. So, when your laptop doesn’t turn on or respond, you can press the Reset button to turn off and restart the laptop.

  • Get a paper clip or small pin.
  • Locate the Reset hole at the rear of your laptop.
  • Now, press the Reset button of your laptop using the paper clip or pin for 2 or 3 seconds.

Resetting the Dell laptop using Dell Symantec System Restore

Note: The following instructions are suitable only for the Dell Inspiron laptop models.

  • Restart your Dell laptop if it is already turned on. In case your laptop is turned off, turn it on and follow the below instructions.
  • When your laptop restarts or turns on, press and hold the F8 button on its keyboard.
  • Once the Advanced Boot Options screen opens, select the Repair your computer option on it.
  • If prompted, choose the device language and tap your laptop’s administrator password in the given field.
  • Select the Dell Factory Image Restore option followed by “Yes, reformat hard drive & restore system software to factory condition.”
  • Complete the reset process by following the rest of the instructions.

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