How To Reset Lexmark Toner Cartridge Chip?

How To Reset Lexmark Toner Cartridge Chip

Lexmark printers are good at printing. The design of Lexmark printers is quite unique. The toner cartridges produce crisp copies of your prints and are affordable. The printers have a quick print speed with an easy flow of ink.

Speaking of toner cartridges, they are quite unique when it comes to Lexmark printers. They have smart chips that are installed inside (pre-installed). The smart chips help monitor the ink or toner usage. The chips will send a message automatically to the connected computer when they are low or out of ink. Whenever you replace the toner cartridge, the smart chips are not automatically reset. This will lead to the printer not printing, despite a new toner cartridge. The best thing that needs to be done is to reset the toner cartridge chip.

You need to know how to reset Lexmark toner cartridge chip. If you do not know how, here's how it's done.

  • Turn off the Lexmark printer if it's turned on.
  • On the printer control panel, locate and press the Ready and Return buttons.
  • Hold on to the Ready and Return buttons and turn on the printer.
  • Once done, you will read the Performing Self Test message on the printer display.
  • The printer will now enter the diagnostics mode.
  • Use the buttons on the screen and select the Maintenance Count option.
  • Navigate through the options until you see Reset (This option will help return the chip's toner level to zero).
  • Once done, press the Return button located on the Lexmark printer control panel.
  • The printer will return to the diagnostics mode.
  • Restart the Lexmark printer and let it start up usually.

With the simple steps described, you have learned how to Reset Lexmark Toner Cartridge Chip. If you are facing any difficulty following the article, click the CALL button pinned to this page for remote assistance.