How To Reset Ring Video Doorbell 2

The Ring video doorbell 2 is very good in terms of quality. It is also very sturdy and effective. Some of the other salient features of the Ring video doorbell 2 are:

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  • It does not break down easily.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It can put up with extreme temperatures.
  • But at times, as in any other device, you might encounter some errors in the Ring video doorbell 2. So, you will have to perform a hard factory reset to make it function normally.
  • The ring video doorbell does not provide many personalized settings. Therefore, resetting it to its factory defaults is usually quick and straightforward.

You might want to reset your Ring video doorbell 2 under the following conditions:

  • In case your Ring doorbell is not working as expected.
  • If you have exhausted all the possible repair steps.
  • In case you wish to give it to somebody else.
  • If hard-resetting is a way out of connectivity problems.
  • When your Ring doorbell is unable to connect to your Wi-Fi or smartphone.

Resetting your Ring doorbell to its factory defaults will erase all the saved settings and preferences.

Follow the instructions given below, to reset the Ring video doorbell 2 to its factory defaults:

  • Ensure that your doorbell is powered up if it is hard-wired or the battery is charged.
  • Locate the black Reset button on the doorbell. You can find it below the faceplate on the front side.
  • Press the Reset button and continue to hold it for 15 seconds.
  • Once you release the Reset button, the Ring light on the front will flash a few times. This light indicates that your Ring video doorbell 2 is restarting.

You have now restored/reset your Ring video doorbell 2’s settings to their factory defaults.