How To Reset Simplisafe Doorbell?

The steps to reset SimpliSafe doorbell are mentioned below.

  • Unscrew the screw from the bracket and take the SimpliSafe doorbell off of it.
  • Two small circular buttons are present at the rear side of the SimpliSafe doorbell.
  • Note: The circular buttons are found below the micro-USB port of the SimpliSafe doorbell.
  • Use a pen to press the larger circular button that is present on the left side and then hold it.
  • Do not hold this larger circular button for more than fifteen seconds.
  • This will reset the SimpliSafe doorbell.
  • Now, you will see the yellow light. This indicates that the SimpliSafe doorbell is resetting.
  • Once the reset is complete, the SimpliSafe doorbell’s light ring will flash white.
Reset Simplisafe Doorbell
  • Also, you will hear voice instructions to perform the set up of the Simlesafe doorbell camera using the SimpliSafe application.
  • Download the SimpliSafe application from the Google Play Store (Android mobile phone) or App Store (iPhone) application.
  • Install and run the SimpliSafe application on your smartphone to set up the SimpliSafe doorbell camera.
  • You can contact our technical experts if you have no idea about how to Reset Simplisafe Doorbell.