How To Reset Simplisafe Doorbell Camera?

The reset Simplisafe doorbell camera is a real-time home security system with built-in cellular and wireless connection. It has a 24/7 alarm monitoring. It is also enabled to alert emergency services in case of an intruder alert.

There are times when the Simplisafe doorbell camera malfunctions or connection error appears.

  • You might experience difficulties in the re-installation of the SimpliSafe doorbell camera, which means you have to perform a reset.
  • Some other cases that need the Simplisafe doorbell camera to be reset are:
  • The doorbell might be disconnected.
  • You might have deleted the mobile app for SimpliSafe.
  • The doorbell might not send any notifications in case of motion detection during night vision mode.
How To Reset Simplisafe Doorbell Camera

Here are some common ways to reset your Simplisafe doorbell camera

  • Unmount the camera from it’s fixed position in your house.
  • Plug in an Android charger to the camera system.
  • Right above the charger shot, you will see a massive Reset button.
  • Hold the Reset button using a paper clip or a safety pin for about 20 seconds until the LED color changes to yellow.
  • Once you release the button, the LED color on the SimpliSafe doorbell camera will change from yellow to white.
  • Once the color turns white, the soft reset is initiated.
  • You can mount the camera back into the bracket and apply necessary changes like pairing with your mobile SimpliSafe application while you done the reset SimpliSafe doorbell.