How To Set Up Parental Controls In Mcafee Internet Security

Set Up Parental Controls In Mcafee Internet Security

Parental controls allow parents to manage their children’s Internet usage. Since they let you restrict your children’s access to unnecessary websites and limit the type of content your children view, they are given a lot of significance in this digital world.

Parental controls include a wide range of features, including content filtering, screen time management, etc. If you are using McAfee Internet security, you can set up parental controls in just a few clicks. This web page gives you a detailed insight into the procedure for setting up parental controls in McAfee Internet Security.

Steps To Configure Parental Controls In Mcafee Internet Security

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  • On your computer, launch the McAfee Internet Security app.
  • Click the Parental Controls option and select Parental Controls: Set Up.
  • When prompted, enter an administrator password and a password recovery hint.
  • Locate the Protect Your Family option and click Edit next to that option.
  • Now, locate your child’s device on which you are going to set up rules and click Protect.
  • Parental Controls include two different lists: Allowed and Blocked. Allow or block a website according to your preferences.
  • If you set your child’s age range, McAfee can give you recommendations to sort out your child’s online activities; you can make use of these recommendations in configuring parental controls.
  • If you want to stop your child from accessing inappropriate websites, click Optional Settings and block those websites.
  • If you want to set a time frame for your child’s online activities, click the Online Schedule option and make the necessary changes.
  • Finally, click Done.
  • Now, you can close the McAfee Internet Security application.

In this manner, you should know on How To Set Up Parental Controls In Mcafee Internet Security. For further questions and clarifications, you can always reach our technical experts for assistance.