How To Solve Email Connection Errors

Solve Email Connection Errors

Though there are several communication media, emailing is one among the top. A major part of all official communication is done through emails. Being such an important mode of communication, what if something goes wrong, especially in email connection? Users report connection errors when they send or receive emails. Connection errors could really be frustrating. That’s why we are here to discuss how to solve email connection errors if they occur.

Whenever you face an email connection error, the first thing you should look for is your internet connection. The other most common causes are configuration settings, email address, and user name. Let us discuss them briefly.


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  • Internet connection: Before you try other solutions, make sure your internet connection is working properly. Visit a different website and see if it is loading completely.
  • Incoming Server details: Check your incoming server (IMAP or POP) settings. If you set up your email client with the wrong settings, such as username and port value, this could be a problem for receiving emails.
  • Outgoing Server details: Check the SMTP server details that you have mentioned. Suppose you have entered incorrect username, port value and other outgoing server settings, you will be unable to send messages.
  • Server issues: Though you have entered the correct server settings, there are chances of your email server going down. In this case, you can only wait patiently until the error gets fixed from the server side.
  • Adjust your SMTP port: You can try port 587 or 465. The outgoing server typically uses port 25. Some ISPs may block it due to increasing spam traffic.
  • Change your antivirus and firewall settings: In most cases, this could be a hidden culprit blocking your connection. The outgoing mail server can conflict with your computer’s security systems. So, check your firewall and antivirus settings to ensure they are not blocking your connections.

This is how to solve email connection errors. You can call us if you still got queries related to email connection errors or anything related to emails.