How To Sync Amazon Fire Tv Remote

Amazon Fire TV stick is a streaming device that enables you to watch your favorite videos. You have to plug it to a smart TV and connect the TV to a network to access the videos available online or play internet games or browse movies. Everything is possible when you can control the actions of the fire TV using a remote. The below steps will help you to sync Amazon Fire TV remote to the Fire Stick device.

 Sync Amazon Fire Tv Remote

Pair the Amazon remote:

  • Connect the Amazon Fire Stick to the TV and turn on the TV. But mostly the Fire Stick automatically pairs with the TV.
  • In case the device cannot pair with the TV, you have to do the pairing manually.
  • Install the batteries to the remote and keep it ready. Stand not more than 10 feet apart from the TV.
  • When the Fire Stick device does not pair with the TV, press and hold the home button on the remote for about 20 seconds.
  • Now, see if the LED indicator light on the device turns on and then gradually blinks faster.
  • If the light does not glow, then the fire stick is not turned on.
  • In the Alexa voice remote, the flashing amber light indicates that the remote is in discovery mode.
  • On a second generation Alexa voice remote, the indicator light flashes three times to indicate that the Amazon remote is paired with the Fire Stick device.

Pair second Amazon remote:

  • Open the Settings menu on the Amazon Fire TV and select Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
  • After that, choose Amazon Fire TV Remotes and the Fire device scans for the available remote.
  • Again, hold the home button of the new remote for ten seconds and select the remote name on the screen using the old remote.
  • To Sync Amazon Fire Tv Remote, Click the Call button available on this page to get remote assistance to Set up Amazon Cube