How To Sync Xfinity Remote To Tv

An Xfinity remote can be synchronized with an Xfinity X1 TV Box to control the TV Box within a limited range (50 feet). You can identify the Xfinity remote by the model number located at the backside panel or inside the battery compartment of the remote. If you have paired the Xfinity remote with an Xfinity TV Box, then you cannot connect it to any other TVs. If you wish to pair the Xfinity remote with an Xfinity TV, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Using the Setup button:

  • First, power on the Xfinity TV and check whether you have installed the batteries on the Xfinity remote.
  • Set up the TV input to the connected input of the Xfinity TV.
  • On your Xfinity remote, press and hold the Setup button until the LED at the top turns into solid green.
  • Press the Xfinity button on your Xfinity remote.
  • The LED will start flashing into green, indicating that it is ready for pairing.
  • If you are pairing an XR2 or XR5 remote to a DTA, press the Xfinity button up to five times to make the pairing.
  • On the Xfinity remote, enter the pairing code displayed on the TV screen.
  • If you enter the pairing code correctly, your Xfinity remote will be synchronized to the Xfinity TV Box.
  • Verify whether you can control the TV Box using the Xfinity remote.
  • If not, pair the remote to the Xfinity TV Box without using the Setup button.

Without using the Setup button:

  • Turn on your Xfinity TV Box and check the necessary settings.
  • On the Xfinity remote, press the Xfinity and Info buttons simultaneously and hold it for five seconds.
  • Check whether the LED light on the remote turns to solid green.
  • Alternatively, you can press the Xfinity and Mute buttons.
  • Now, enter the three-digit pairing code displayed on the TV screen to establish the connection.
  • Once the remote is paired, you can set up the power, volume, and input controls to access the Xfinity TV Box.
  • To Sync Xfinity Remote To Tv, contact our technical team by clicking the call button displayed on this screen.

Sync Xfinity Remote To Tv