How To Turn Off Antivirus On Mac

How To Turn Off Antivirus On Mac

Learn how to turn off antivirus on Mac computer.

Antivirus is always a good choice to protect your computer from online thefts, viruses, malware, etc. But, sometimes it might also cause some annoying problems. For example, consider trying to install a new application on your computer with antivirus protection enabled.

The antivirus application is designed to protect your privacy. So, when an antivirus finds an unknown application trying to access your data, it blocks the program from installing or accessing your data, and as a result, you may end up facing installation and other problems.

So, temporarily disabling the antivirus application before beginning the app installation (or performing any new job) on your computer is the best way to avoid these kinds of situations.

Here we have shown you how to disable the antivirus on Mac.

Turn Off Antivirus On Mac In 2022 - Let’s Do It

You can turn off or disable the antivirus app installed on your Mac computer in no time by following the instructions below.

Best and Quick Method

  • Generally, after installing the antivirus application, its icon will be added to the menu bar of your computer.
  • So, check whether your antivirus program’s icon is listed in the menu bar.
  • If yes, click on it. A pop-up menu screen with the list of options will open as soon as you do this.
  • Click on the ‘Shut Down’ or ‘Disable’ option to temporarily turn off the antivirus application on Mac.

Alternative Method

  • Click on the Spotlight search icon available on the menu bar of your Mac computer.
  • Type your antivirus app name in the search field.
  • Choose the relevant one from the suggestion list.
  • Now, the antivirus app screen will open.
  • Click Stop or Disable or choose the Off option on the opened screen to turn off the antivirus on Mac.

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