How To Turn On Amazon Fire Stick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a well-known streaming device that has the shape of an ordinary flash drive. You can plug the Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port of your TV. Once you have set up everything, you need to Turn On Amazon Fire Stick.

Turn On Amazon Fire Stick

Only then can you use it for streaming your favorite TV shows and movies.

  • Your Amazon Fire TV Stick does not come with a physical power button. But if you connect it to an electrical outlet and switch on the power, the Fire TV Stick will start operating automatically.
  • If your Fire TV Stick is in the Sleep Mode, you can turn the device on by utilizing the Home button on your remote or mobile app. You just have to press the Home button. The Fire TV Stick will get back to its normal mode.

Let us now see how to turn off your Amazon Fire TV Stick:

  • Your Fire TV Stick will not switch off completely. You can only make it go into Sleep mode.
  • Amazon states that there is no necessity to switch off your Fire TV Stick; because it will automatically go to the Sleep Mode after 30 minutes.
  • In case you want to turn off the Stick so that it does not consume power, you will have to switch it off from the main electrical outlet.
  • We have now discussed the steps to turn off and Turn On Amazon Fire Stick.