How To Turn On Nvidia Shield?

In the whole world, there are 2.5 billion active Android operating system device users. This is quite large when compared to the number of iOS users. Almost all of us are familiar with the Android OS platform. So, if we get a smart TV that runs fully based on Android OS, it would be quite easy for us to access every setting. Nvidia SHIELD TV is one such gadget. This TV is fully developed on an Android platform. You can stream music, movies, shows, or even games from your personal computer to this SHIELD TV.The setup and configuration are quite easy and simple to perform.The section below covers some of the possible ways to turn ON Nvidia SHIELD TV.

turn ON Nvidia SHIELD

Turning ON the Nvidia SHIELD TV for the first time

If you have bought the new Nvidia SHIELD TV for the first time, then follow the instructions given below to turn it ON.

  • Inside the Nvidia SHIELD TV package, you can find controller, cables, and user guide.
  • Set up the SHIELD TV by referring to its user guide.
  • Otherwise, click the Call button to get remote assistance in setting up the Nvidia SHIELD TV for the first time.
  • Get the power cord provided with the package and using it, connect the TV to your home’s electrical outlet and then turn on Nvidia shield.
  • Now, the SHIELD TV will turn ON automatically once it is connected to the wall outlet.
  • The remote of the SHIELD TV does not contain the Power button. It has only the sleep/wake/ shutdown button.
  • Once your TV is turned ON successfully, start streaming as per your desire.

Turn ON the SHIELD TV after turning it OFF

  • If you have turned OFF your SHIELD TV using the Back and Home buttons on the remote controller, turn it back on by pressing the reverse or any other button.
  • Now your SHIELD TV is turned ON.
  • If you need remote assistance in performing the turn on Nvidia shield process, click the Call button provided on this web page.