Fix: HP 6968 Printer Failure

H 6968 Printer Failure

Printer failure is not a new issue and has been there for a long time now. This HP 6968 Printer Failure error mainly occurs when there is a problem with your printer or the ink system.

Some causes of printer failure are listed below

  • Stuck print spooler
  • Driver issue
  • Overuse of the printer 
  • Consumables issue

If your HP 6968 printer has failed to printer from your computer, read the solutions explained on this page and get the issue fixed in no time.

Simple solution

  • Before trying the advanced methods to fix the printer failure error on HP 6968, try these simple solutions.
  • Turn off your HP printer completely.
  • Wait for the printer to cool down.
  • Turn on the printer and check whether the printer failure error message is displayed on the screen.
  • If not, the issue is cleared. Otherwise, try the advanced methods to fix it.

Advanced methods to fix the printer failure

Method 1: Clearing obstructions from the carriage area

If any object is stuck in your printer’s carriage path, then there is a chance for the HP 6968 Printer failure error to occur. To clear the obstructions, follow the below instructions.

  • Initially, make sure that your HP printer is turned on.
  • Next, unplug the printer’s power cord while it is turned on.
  • Now, open your printer’s cartridge access door.
  • Check whether any obstruction is stuck in the carriage path. If yes, remove it gently. 
  • After removing the obstructions from the carriage path, check whether the cartridge carrier is moving freely.
  • If yes, close the door and turn on your printer by reconnecting the power cord to an electrical outlet.
  • After your printer turns on, check whether the Printer Failure message is displayed on the printer screen. If not, then it means the error is fixed. Otherwise, try the next method to fix this error.

Method 2: Resetting the printer

  • Turn on your HP 6968 printer.
  • Unplug the power cord from the printer. (Note: Make sure that the HP printer is turned on while unplugging the cord).
  • Leave the printer disconnected from the power source for approximately 60 seconds.
  • Later, reconnect the cord to the printer and let the printer turn on.

Now, check if the HP 6968 printer failure error is fixed. If not, the issue might be due to a problem with your printer hardware. To fix it, you need to service your printer.