Hp Deskjet 2652 Airprint

Hp Deskjet 2652 Airprint

Nowadays, all the printers have support for wireless connectivity and HP DeskJet 2652 is one such All-in-One printer. When it comes to printing from Apple or iOS devices, you can easily access the printer using the AirPrint feature. For starters, AirPrint is an Apple feature that lets Apple devices access and print on wireless printers without the printer app or driver.

So, what is the straightforward method to print on your HP DeskJet 2652 printer using AirPrint? Here, we have explained it to you.

Where to start?

If you want to print on your HP printer from your iOS device using AirPrint, the thumb rule is that both devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The remaining procedure is as simple as printing from any wireless device. So, let’s begin the AirPrint setup now.

Step 1: Connect your HP printer to Wi-Fi

There are multiple methods to connect your HP DeskJet 2652 printer to Wi-Fi. But the WPS method is the easiest one. If your printer is already connected to Wi-Fi, move on to the next section. Else, these are the steps you should consider.

  • Keep your HP printer close to your wireless router.
  • Ensure that the printer has been completely set up.
  • If the printer is connected to any other device via any other connection method, do disconnect it.
  • Now, turn on your HP printer and press the Wi-Fi button and Power button on it. Hold the buttons until you see the Wi-Fi light blinking on your printer.
  • Next, you’ve to press the WPS button on your wireless router and this will connect both devices over Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Print from your iOS device using AirPrint

Once you have connected your HP DeskJet 2652 printer to Wi-Fi, you can start the printing process on your iOS device.

  • First, you need to connect your iOS device to the same wireless network as your HP printer.
  • On your printer, load the required sheets of paper for printing.
  • Now, go to your iOS device and open the image or document that needs to be printed.
  • On the same screen, locate and tap the Share icon.
  • When you see a list of options, choose the Print option.
  • Now, select your HP DeskJet 2652 printer.
  • Modify the print settings if required.
  • Finally, tap the Print button.

You have now successfully printed on your HP DeskJet 2652 printer using AirPrint.