Hp Officejet 3831 Paper Jam

Hp Officejet 3831 Paper Jam

The HP OfficeJet 3831 printer is an All-in-One printer that comes with InkJet printing technology. It is easy to connect the printer to the PC as the device has the Wi-Fi feature. So, it enables the user to connect the device via wireless technology. It is common that the printer sometimes goes through paper jamming due to technical issues like printer going offline, error in settings, etc. Every printer user faces this common issue. So, let us see how to fix the paper jam issue.

Steps to fix HP OfficeJet 3831 paper jam

  • Remove the jammed paper
  • Once the paper gets jammed inside the machine, you need to power off the machine and wait patiently for a few minutes until the printer cools down.
  • After few minutes, remove the jammed paper from the printer without any damage and restart the printer.
  • Now, run a test print and ensure that the paper does not get jammed again.

Check on the printer properties

  • ontinuous printing may sometimes lead to a paper jam. Also, if lots of print jobs are in queue, then it will result in a paper jam. So, try to cancel the documents from the list (queue).
  • o to the computer’s Devices and Printers section on the PC.
  • ight-click on the HP OfficeJet 3831 printer, choose See what’s printing, and click on the Printer tab.
  • hoose the Cancel all the documents option and run a test print.

Use a tool to clean ink smears

  • Cleaning ink smears will help solve the issue of paper jam and improves the output quality.
  • Turn on the HP OfficeJet 3831 printer and load the paper.
  • Tap on the Home screen of the printer and touch Setup.
  • Tap on the Tools option and select Clean page smears.
  • Tap OK and wait until the process gets completed.
  • Now, run a test print and make sure that this process works.