Fix: HP Officejet 5255 Error Code Oxoo829c98

Hp Officejet 5255 Error Code Oxoo829c98

An error code can occur without any prior intimation. However, when you diagnose the exact reason behind the error code, you can fix it efficiently. If you encounter the HP Officejet 5255 Error Code Oxoo829c98 , this article can help you to some extent. Try out all the techniques mentioned here and fix the issue efficiently.

Reinstall the print head

  • Remove the printhead for both cartridges.
  • Clean the printheads with a damp lint-free cloth and insert the printheads into their holder.
  • Make sure to install the printheads with the electrical contacts facing down.

Use genuine cartridges

  • It is recommended to use genuine HP cartridges. If you are using any third-party ink cartridges, your printer may fail to recognize them. As a result, you will encounter the error code “0X00829c98.”
  • So, if you are using any third-party cartridges, you should replace them with the original HP cartridges.
  • Once you have replaced the cartridges, check whether the issue is resolved.

Power cycle your printer

A simple power cycle can help you fix most of the significant issues. To do that, follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • Turn on your printer and wait until it becomes idle.
  • With the printer turned on, disconnect its power cord.
  • Keep your printer disconnected for a minute.
  • Reconnect the power cord to your printer and the electrical outlet.
  • Now, turn on your printer and check whether the error code has disappeared.

Update your printer driver

An outdated printer driver may be the potential reason behind the HP Officejet 5255 Error Code Oxoo829c98. You can get rid of the issue by updating the printer driver. To do that,

  • Go to the official website of HP from your default browser.
  • Enter your HP printer model and download the printer driver recommended for your Operating System.
  • Locate the downloaded file within your browser and install it on your computer by adhering to the instructions.
  • Once you have installed the updated printer driver, check whether the error code has disappeared.

Reinstall the cartridges

  • Open the printer’s front door followed by the cartridge access door.
  • Take out all the ink cartridges one by one.
  • Reinstall the cartridges into their holders according to the color indications.
  • Once you have reinstalled the ink cartridges, check whether the HP Officejet 5255 Error Code Oxoo829c98 has disappeared.

If you cannot resolve the issue yet, you can get back to us for remote assistance.