Fix: HP Officejet Pro Not Printing Color

 Hp Officejet Pro Not Printing Color

HP OfficeJet Pro printers are revolutionary smart printers that deliver high impressive photo print quality and color printing. Is your HP OfficeJet Pro printer not printing color? It is one of the common issues and it may occur due to issues like a print head clog, using non-HP cartridges, using low-level ink, etc. Follow the below mentioned steps to fix the HP Officejet Pro Not Printing Color issue.

Methods to fix HP OfficeJet Pro not printing color

Reinstall the printer driver

  • Sometimes using the outdated or corrupted printer driver may affect the print color quality. Uninstall the existing driver and reinstall it from the HP official web page.
  • Click the Start menu and select the Control Panel option.
  • Choose the Programs and Features option; search and locate the HP printer driver from the list.
  • Click Uninstall.
  • Wait until the driver is completely uninstalled and then restart your computer.
  • Now, go to the HP official web page.
  • Choose the printer driver and click Download.
  • Make sure you download the latest version of the driver that supports your PC's OS.
  • Now, launch the driver and run a test print.

Using genuine HP cartridges

Using non-HP cartridges will sometimes end up in issues like the printer not printing color. So try changing the cartridges and use genuine HP cartridges. Also, before installing the new ink cartridges for your printer, make sure you unpack the cartridge properly.

Check the ink level

  • Access your printer control panel and press the ink level indicator icon to check the ink level.
  • The printer screen will display the ink level in each tank.
  • Now purchase the ink from the HP store.
  • Open the front door of the HP printer to access the cartridge unit and wait until the cartridge unit stops moving.
  • Press and release the cartridge unit to remove the cartridge with low ink and remove the replacement cartridge from the package.
  • Place and insert it inside the folder firmly until it clicks.
  • Now close the front door and wait until the charging takes place.
  • Finally, run a test print.

Clean the printhead

  • Access the printer control panel and select the Setup menu.
  • Go to the Printer Maintenance menu and select the Tools option.
  • Select the Clean Printhead option. The device will deliver a test print.
  • Check the output and select Clean Printhead once again if more cleaning is required. Otherwise, select Done.
  • Now, check if your HP Officejet Pro Not Printing Color issue has been fixed.