kaspersky Failed To Unlock Encrypted Device

 kaspersky Failed To Unlock Encrypted Device

Kaspersky released a new decryptor for the files that have been locked with the latest version of a malware. The malware program was found to be capable of corrupting thousands of computers around the world and it was practically impossible to decrypt the files affected. But Kaspersky released a new method of decryption to unlock the encrypted device.Still, there is a serious problem when a user comes across the issue where Kaspersky fails to unlock an encrypted device. This problem means the device is encrypted and cannot be accessed. The sole solution for this is to decrypt the device and then perform the unlocking of the device. The process can be done with the help of the Encrypted Device Restore utility.Follow the steps carefully if Kaspersky has failed to unlock your device that is encrypted. If there is no or unstable connection between the computer and the server, you have to completely decrypt the hard drive from a different computer.

Using Encrypted Device Restore Utility

Connect your encrypted device to a different computer. Make sure the computer has the Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 installed and is connected to the Administration Server, whose policy was used to encrypt the device.

  • Open Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10.
  • At the very bottom of the application, click the Support icon.
  • Click the option Restore encrypted device.
  • Click the Select device drop-down list and select the device.
  • Click the Scan button on the application.
  • Based on the scan results, you will either find the Unlock or Decrypt button.
  • Click Decrypt and the decryption will take place.
  • The decryption process will take some time. Wait for it to complete.
  • Once the device is decrypted, you can click the Unlock button.

Go through the steps carefully to unlock the encrypted device using Kaspersky. If you are still facing difficulties, kindly click the Call button on this page to speak to our tech support team.